Skin Serum - Restore & Regenerate (20ml)

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This carefully crafted blend of prized carrier oils and selected essential oils is an excellent rejuvenating night oil; or for use both day and night for those with drier, more mature or damaged skin.

Restore & Regenerate Skin Serum promotes healing and cell regeneration, moisturises, nourishes and protects while encouraging your skin’s own natural repair processes. Plumping up fine lines and improving the skin's elasticity over time, it absorbs for a silky finish without clogging pores.


  • Apply a few drops at night.
  • For drier or more mature skin, apply a few drops at night and in the morning.
  • As a guideline, use two drops plus a drop for each decade of your life (e.g. use 2 + 3 = 5 drops if in your thirties)
  • Especially useful to support the skin at times of season change or particular stress.


  • mongongo nut oil (cold-pressed, origin: Namibia)
  • avocado oil (origin: RSA)
  • Kalahari melon seed oil (origin: Western Cape, RSA)
  • baobab oil (organic, origin: RSA)
  • rosehip oil (organic, origin: Lesotho)
  • jojoba oil (organic, origin: Western Cape, RSA)
  • lavender essential oil (organic)
  • rose geranium essential oil (organic, origin: RSA)
  • Cape chamomile essential oil (origin: Western Cape, RSA)
  • patchouli essential oil (organic, origin: Rwanda)
  • rosemary essential oil (organic principles, origin: Western Cape RSA)
  • neroli essential oil (organic, origin: Madagascar)

Food for thought
All lotions contain a mixture of water-based and oil-based ingredients. Because of this, they always require preservatives to remain safe for use for any extended period. To create a fresh, easily absorbed, and preservative free "lotion" on demand, add a few drops of Serum to a small pool of Toner in the palm of your hand. Splash over the skin of your face and décolletage and rub in gently.

Skin Serum is light and easily absorbed but nevertheless provides intense and long-lasting nourishment with no heaviness. The oils support the skin's own processes, assisting in healing and rejuvenation, restoring a healthy oil balance and providing a long-lasting dewy glow.

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