Tooth Powder - Orange & Clove (100ml)

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The Apothecary Orange & Clove Tooth Powder is tasty, edible and wholesome tooth powder with a sweet and slightly spicy taste that is especially popular with children and those with sensitive teeth. It cleans gently and effectively; inhibits the build-up of plaque, promotes the remineralisation of teeth and leaves breathe fresh. It's boosted with minerals and trace elements including the homeopathic tissue salt calcium fluoride, the only truly safe form of fluoride, which occurs naturally in mineral water.

The Apothecary relies on the wisdom of nature to provide good, clean wholesome tooth powder that won’t harm you or the planet, will clean your teeth brilliantly, and has many benefits for oral hygiene and general health.

These powders make a great vegan alternative to our delicious natural Toothpastes (which contain a tiny quantity of raw Cape beeswax). They are also a solution for those who dislike the texture of natural toothpaste, or who just want to to give something different a try! 


  • Dip your toothbrush into the powder and brush as usual. 
  • Or, use clean fingers or a small scoop to sprinkle powder onto your brush.


  • xylitol (non-GM maize, origin, RSA)
  • sodium bicarbonate (food grade)
  • natural bentonite clay
  • calcium & magnesium with trace elements including homeopathic calcium fluoride
  • sweet orange essential oil (organic, origin: RSA)
  • clove essential oil (organic, origin: Madagascar)

Food for thought

Our sweet Orange and Clove tooth powder uses non-irradiated ground cloves. Cloves are legendary in terms of oral health, effectively combating halitosis (bad breath), infection, inflammation and sensitivity. Clove is also an extremely potent antioxidant and effective decongestant. Cloves stimulate circulation, thus improving gum health, while also calming any pain and swelling in the mouth, and help maintain a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria in the mouth. Furthermore, cloves help significantly to protect teeth from dental erosion caused by the acids in food, as shown by this study commissioned by the Indian government.

We brush our teeth twice daily, applying toothpaste inside our mouths where it comes into contact with the delicate membranes of our mouth, gums and tongue, rich in blood vessels and neurons, as well as our precious pearly whites. Unavoidably, some toothpaste gets swallowed, especially by children. We should think very carefully about what we put into our mouths.

“Ordinary” toothpastes are awash with dubious and downright dangerous ingredients, such as SLS and other detergents, harsh abrasives such as silica, toxic propylene glycol, and hazardous sodium fluoride, among others.

There are natural alternatives, although many still contain a few questionable ingredients and you should always read the label carefully. The Apothecary Toothpastes and Tooth Powders have been developed over years of trial and research and brings you all-natural, completely benign, delicious products that:

• clean teeth beautifully,
• promote tooth remineralisation,
• fight cavities,
• inhibit the build-up of plaque,
• banish bad breath and help heal mouth sores,
• contain a safe and natural form of fluoride,
• have benefits for overall health and well-being,
• are truly good enough to eat,
• and come in a range of tasty flavours.

Our tooth powders are based on many of the same ingredients as our Toothpastes, including non-GM xylitol (a well-known dental hero and enemy of the bacteria that cause tooth decay), detoxifying clay, traditional dentifrice baking soda, a hefty dose of calcium, magnesium and an array of other minerals and trace elements essential for remineralisation of teeth and general tooth health and repair.

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